Intricate work that invites you to stop and stare a while.
Maneki Neko is an "Anti-minimalist" artist who creates art filled with details to inspire wonder and provide a brief refuge from the stress of modern life.
Maneki Neko is an AI-facilitated digital artist.
She creates colorful, detail-rich art in a style she calls “Anti-minimalism”. Sometimes leaning towards the abstract or surrealism, her work often features botanical elements and female figures.
Maneki’s art is inspired by her need to find moments of peace from the many troubles of modern life through the pleasant distraction of exploring an image full of intriguing details. For the viewers of her pieces, she has one major goal: to entice them to simply stop and stare for a while.
Collected by hundreds of people since her first NFT mint in February 2022, Maneki's work has received international recognition through exhibitions in 13 major cities around the world such as London, Seattle, and Amsterdam as well as multiple events in New York City and Tokyo.
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